Tasty, bittersweet aftertaste.

Fitting for cocktails and ideal on its own.

Agave:  A. Angustifolia

Age of Agave:  7-8 years

State: Oaxaca


Delicate smokiness throughout.

Pairs well with any meal.

Agave: Angustifolia, Potatorum, 

Karwinskii, Marmorata

Age of Agave:

Karwinskii (Madrecuishe): 13 years

Marmorata (Tepeztate): 25-30 years

State: Oaxaca



A smooth taste throughout.

A refined sipping mezcal.


Agave: A. Potatorum

Age of Agave: 8-15  years

State: Oaxaca


Perfect balance of sweet and spicy.

Delicate and velvety to be savored.


Agave: A. Rhodacantha

Age of Agave: 7-9 years

State: Oaxaca



Hints of Tropical fruit with every sip. 

Smooth and Sweet.


Agave: A. Angustifolia

Age of Agave: 7-8  years

State: Oaxaca

Contains: Turkey Breast, Apple, Pineapple, Mango & Guava


Semi-Sweet and creamy taste.

Best served chilled.


Agave: A. Karwinskii

Age of Agave: 12-13 years

State: Oaxaca


A rich taste with some earthiness.

Full and Spicy flavor.


Agave: A. Potatorum

Age of Agave: 25-30  years

State: Oaxaca


A fresh, vivid, and invigorating flavor. Wide and Opulent to be savored.


Agave: A. Rhodacantha

Age of Agave: 25-30 years

State: Oaxaca

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